Introducing XVIII

I’ve been 18-years-old for roughly two and a half months now and there are some events worth mentioning.

1)  I’m not 17-years-old anymore.  For the 18 years I’ve been alive that age has to be the strangest of the bunch since I was 12-years-old.  It was filled with self-discovering, unexpectedly sinful, fun and interesting acts.  Although it was not what I would’ve ever expected I wouldn’t trade the awkwardness for anything.

2)  I’ve chosen a college to attend in Fall ‘14.  Far enough to experience life on my own and close enough to come home whenever I please, or whenever my parents wants me home.  It may not have been my first choice of college but I’ve developed a good feeling.  I’m nervous and anxious about graduating high school in June and starting a new chapter in August.

3)  I’m legal, kind of!  Aside from not being able to drink until I’m 21-years-old and some other perks or duties I have yet to discover, I have almost all the responsibilities of an adult.  Jury duty, voting, being tried as an adult if I’m ever convicted, etc.  Pretty boring, exciting, and tedious all at the same time.

I’m not entirely sure where this blog will go, or if I’ll even continue after this single post.  Maybe I’ll keep it completely personal and just document all the useless information I think is worth mentioning.  We’ll see!